Hey everybody this is Marc with San Joaquin Gunite of Fresno and I’m talking about using shotcrete to  construct, repair or restore bridges with.  A bridge normally requires vertical repairs and is usually done with rapid set cement mix.  The normal company uses the manual lay-up method, but San Joaquin Gunite is not the normal gunite company and when contractors request shotcrete instead, that’s where we come in.  As long as the crew is experienced and applies it correctly, shotcrete makes for a viable solution.  Good surface preparation and the just right amount of water added to the mixture are extremely important

Our garage of vehicles used for shotcrete work.

for making sure shotcrete bonds well to the bridge’s structure.  The way the shotcrete bonds with the old structure at the point of application dictates the longevity of the repair, so hiring the right crew to do job is just as important.  Thanks again everybody for your time.

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