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Hey everybody this is Marc with San Joaquin Gunite of Fresno and I’m talking about using shotcrete to  construct, repair or restore bridges with.  A bridge normally requires vertical repairs and is usually done with rapid set cement mix.  The normal company uses the manual lay-up method, but San Joaquin Gunite is not the normal gunite company and when contractors request shotcrete instead, that’s where we come in.  As long as the crew is experienced and applies it correctly, shotcrete makes for a viable solution.  Good surface preparation and the just right amount of water added to the mixture are extremely important

Our garage of vehicles used for shotcrete work.

for making sure shotcrete bonds well to the bridge’s structure.  The way the shotcrete bonds with the old structure at the point of application dictates the longevity of the repair, so hiring the right crew to do job is just as important.  Thanks again everybody for your time.

Forming A Composite

Hey everybody, this is Marc with San Joaquin Gunite  of Fresno, California and today I wanted to touch on the process of forming a composite.  The formulation of a composite is not as simple as it may seem and following the performance guidelines and completing the project on the projected budget requires a team with strong collaborative efforts.  Materials supplier and contractor must stay in consistent communication so that the job is finished on the estimated time.  With mixture of either dry or wet shotcrete the nozzleman directs the application to help create various layers, giving the composite its thickness.  Some believe that because shotcrete is sprayed on in layers, it tends to have bonding problems with its structure, but others believe that because shotcrete requires less water than normal concrete, it has longer durability.  However it is common knowledge within the industry that shotcrete bonds well with concrete and helps form a complete composite.

Shotcrete At Its Finest

A composite structured with shotcrete.


Other Structures

San Joaquin Gunite specializes in pools and spas, but its shotcrete works extend to more than just those structures.  Being a member of the American Shotcrete Association has helped us evolve in our technology.  Our works pertain to repair and restoration to the following structures: Bridges, Dams and Reservoirs, Parking Garages, Sewers, Seismic Retrofit and Marine Projects.  Crossing over from the standard normal structures to the more complex types has been a process.  With over 20 years of experience, we continue to take a methodical approach in making sure whatever the job is, it can be done effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Shotcrete Vehicles In Storage

These vehicles facilitate the shotcrete process.

Who Is The American Shotcrete Association?

San Joaquin Gunite is a member of the ASA.  The ASA is a non-profit organization and is dedicated to studying, educating and promoting the mixing and placement of pneumatically applied concrete, called shotcrete.  The association includes contractors, engineers, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers that specialize in shotcrete.  Being a member of the ASA is proof that San Joaquin Gunite is dedicated to its continual education in the shotcrete industry.  We are constantly evolving as we expand in our construction of more than just pools.

A Shotcrete Organization

Dry Mix Versus Wet Mix

The shotcrete application is a process that can be very complex.  After understanding the essential function of the structure and weighing out other external variables, the method for application is then chosen.  These variables are rebound levels, dust levels and properties such as bond strength and durability.  Though it is referred to as a dry mix, some of the material is dampened when poured into the equipment, while the wet mix is mixed up thoroughly with water.  To learn more about the process visit our social media links

Both Mixes Of Application

Using both mixes allows us to stay adaptable.


San Joaquin Gunite’s Method Of Application

The method in which San Joaquin Gunite applies shotcrete depends on several variables.  Economics is probably the most important factor that is taken into consideration before the application even begins.  Economics is also a factor throughout the project, but the other important factors are heavily considered, which are: availability of material and equipment, site access and the expertise and preference of the contractor.  The difference between a dry and wet application are the point in which the blend comes into contact with water.  A dry application is shotcrete pumped out through the nozzle without the blend of water and the wet application pumps out shotcrete that has been blended with water.

Shotcrete Application

Shotcrete application can be a complex process.

Shotcrete Application In Fresno, California

The placement of shotcrete allows for gunite to do more than just new pools.  The unique characteristics of shotcrete enable it to do more than just the conventional concrete application.  Did you ever wonder what it is that keeps those amazing structures of freeway towers in solid form from year to year?  Well, shotcrete is the answer!  Shotcrete usually contains different additives such as silica fume, air-entrancing admixtures, fibers and accelerators that help give the material its amazing characteristics.  San Joaquin Gunite in Fresno, California proves to solidify its place in the valley as it continues to enhance the use of shotcrete.

A San Joaquin Gunite Production

A finished new pool in the Fresno, California area drying out in the valley sun.

Gunite Pools In Fresno, California

San Joaquin Gunite specializes in shotcrete with over 20 years of shooting gunite in the Fresno, California area,.  Gunite is a dry shotcrete that displays various characteristics enabling it to maintain its firmness longer than the normal and traditional concrete.  Its low permeability has allowed gunite to become a strong fixture in the pool industry.  The use of additives in gunite enhances its overall quality as well.  The effective use of shotcrete continues to make San Joaquin Gunite a fixture within the current Fresno, California community and their updated studies will also keep them as a fixture for years to come.   For more information, visit our news section or our facebook.

Gunite In Action

Shooting gunite or also known as shotcrete.

New Pools in Fresno, California

The majority of San Joaquin Gunite’s work caters to the Fresno, California area, but we reach throughout the Central Valley, doing all types of shotcrete work.  We can do both residential and commercial and specialize on more than just pools.  Thanks for subscribing to our blog and check in periodically to scroll through our gallery for new pictures.

Gunite Pools In Fresno

Gallery of gunite in Fresno, California.