Forming A Composite

Hey everybody, this is Marc with San Joaquin Gunite  of Fresno, California and today I wanted to touch on the process of forming a composite.  The formulation of a composite is not as simple as it may seem and following the performance guidelines and completing the project on the projected budget requires a team with strong collaborative efforts.  Materials supplier and contractor must stay in consistent communication so that the job is finished on the estimated time.  With mixture of either dry or wet shotcrete the nozzleman directs the application to help create various layers, giving the composite its thickness.  Some believe that because shotcrete is sprayed on in layers, it tends to have bonding problems with its structure, but others believe that because shotcrete requires less water than normal concrete, it has longer durability.  However it is common knowledge within the industry that shotcrete bonds well with concrete and helps form a complete composite.

Shotcrete At Its Finest

A composite structured with shotcrete.


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