Ground Support


Earth and rock excavations are effectively stabilized with shotcrete and a variety of reinforcement and anchoring systems. Using shotcrete to stabilize soil for excavation has advantages over traditional timber and steel shoring techniques.

Shotcrete is ideal for ground support in tunneling and mining. It provides early ground support after blasting or excavating, early strength development which provides flexibility to allow for ground stabilization and stress relief, and offers the ability to conform to the natural irregular profile of the ground without formwork, which makes it ideal for any tunnel. It is also the preferred material/process for underground stations, side drifts, shops, etc., and provides long-term stability… it can be used as a final or permanent lining for underground structures.


  • Is flexible and easy to install
  • Uses space more efficiently by allowing verticle excavations of alternate panels, creating stable verticle walls very close to other buildings
  • Saves money – Can concrete right over the shotcrete (one side forms only)
  • Can be more economical than other systems because of the ability to build maximum dimensions of the property and use excavation as the form system


Source: American Shotcrete Association