Methods of Application

Wet or Dry?

Although both wet and dry shotcrete have specific benefits, advancements in both material and equipment technology make both processes almost interchangeable. In most applications, the preferred method is determined by:

  • Economics
  • Availability of material and equipment
  • Site access
  • The expertise and preference of the contractor

Today, rebound levels, dust levels and properties such as bond strength and durability can be similar whether the wet or dry method is used.

Dry Mix:

Pre-blended dry or damp materials are placed into the delivery equipment. Compressed air conveys material through a hose at high velocity to the nozzle, where water is added. Material is consolidated on the receiving surface by the high-impact velocity.

Wet Mix:

All ingredients, including water, are thoroughly mixed and introduced into the delivery equipment. Wet material is pumped to the nozzle where compressed air is added to provide high velocity for placement and consolidation of the material onto the receiving surface.


Source: American Shotcrete Association